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Sri Kalki Soma Deeksha Miracle Events

Experience Causeless Joy

Public events where the miracle of Soma being transformed from ordinary water.  You have a chance to experience the elixir of the Gods - Soma and Miiracles. The Soma is an energetic download from other realms that brings healing, resolution of problems, insights into one's life, answers to prayers, and a Peak State without inner dialogue and an experience of causeless joy!  

Soma is simply blessed water from an ordinary tap that through prayer is energetically infused with grace.  It helps shorten the path to liberation. It helps with the fulfillment of material and spiritual desires. It also may bring about healing on all levels, 

These gifts from Sri Kalki Amma Bhagavan are to help end suffering and prepare the consciousness for enlightenment.

The events are 2 hours. I have facilitated these events in Oakland, Washington, DC, Miami, Denver, Portland, and co-facilitated Orlando. Check back for 2024 schedule... 



To Be Announced...

More info re Soma can be found at

If you would like to be notified of upcoming events by text, click here or by email click here.

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