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Meditation & Experiences

On most evenings, you can tune in to a meditation or meditative blessing. The Ananda State Transfer is not a meditation, it is direct transfer of grace. Initiates will pray for you to receive Ananda as a direct experience.

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Collective Ananda State Transfer
Wednesdays & Fridays

Wednesdays and Fridays


7:00 PM, Pacific

Register once

The transfer of the Ananda State is the latest gift to help end human suffering. Why is Ananda important? 


Ananda is a state of Bliss.  In this state, you may experience Causeless Joy, Causeless Happiness, Causeless Love, and Deep Peace. Ananda brings good health, wealth, positive relationships. It is both a pre-requisite and indicator of spiritual progress. Ananda brings more grace. 


The transfer of Ananda is not a mindset. Ananda refers to a happiness that does not depend on things going well. It supports you through your challenges. A happiness that helps you recognize solutions to problems and helps you thrive in life. 

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World Peace & Muhurta 
Ananda State Transfer
January 15, 2024

Multiple Events


various times

beginning at

12:00 PM, Pacific

Join us for very powerful programs on Monday, January 15  - 

Muhurta, a Day of Sacredness:

The January 15 auspicious cosmic opening is almost here. We have been waiting for this Muhurta - the fulfillment of prophecies of help for humanity. Sri Amma Bhagavan had hoped that by this date, there would be .001 percent of the population enlightened. That would have provided the momentum to push humanity into high states of consciousness across the globe. While the 81,000 required for this momentous feat was not reached, it is still a powerful time to provide support and hold the vision for humanity to awaken to oneness and live in peace, joy, bliss and love. Every effort will continue to reach the 81,000.


Programs are planned throughout the day.

12 noon Pacific/ 3 pm EST


Zoom Meeting ID: 833 3732 2949

Password: 359174


2 pm Pacific/ 5 pm EST


Zoom Meeting ID: 702 860 2353

Passcode: 142447


4 pm Pacific/ 7 pm EST


Zoom Meeting ID: 874 6142 1939

Passcode: Amma


5:30 pm Pacific/ 8:30 pm EST


Enlightened Sharing, Q&A, Collective Prayers & Special Muhurta Program.


Zoom Mtg ID: 875 5175 6256

Passcode: 030749

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