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Meditation & Experiences

On most evenings, you can tune in to a meditation or meditative blessing. The Ananda State Transfer is not a meditation, it is direct transfer of grace. Initiates will pray for you to receive Ananda as a direct experience.

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Collective Ananda State Transfer
Wednesdays & Fridays

Wednesdays and Fridays


7:00 PM, Pacific

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The transfer of the Ananda State is the latest gift to help end human suffering. Why is Ananda important? 


Ananda is a state of Bliss.  In this state, you may experience Causeless Joy, Causeless Happiness, Causeless Love, and Deep Peace. Ananda brings good health, wealth, positive relationships. It is both a pre-requisite and indicator of spiritual progress. Ananda brings more grace. 


The transfer of Ananda is not a mindset. Ananda refers to a happiness that does not depend on things going well. It supports you through your challenges. A happiness that helps you recognize solutions to problems and helps you thrive in life. 

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A Taste of Joy
On Instagram
Tuesdays & Thursdays

Tuesdays and Thursdays

12:30 PM Pacific

Tune in to Instagram live @cobizrichmond for a mid-day respite - contemplation and meditation. A great way to recharge for the remainder of the work day. 

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