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Meditation & Experiences

On most evenings, you can tune in to a meditation or meditative blessing. The Peak State Transfer is not a meditation, it is direct transfer of grace. Smarana Deeksha is a meditative blessing.  Also, on Wednesday mornings/afternoons, you can participate in the Happiness Meditation on Instagram.  All of these offerings have a meditative quality.

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Collective Peak State Transfer
Wednesdays & Fridays

Wednesdays and Fridays


7:30 PM, Pacific

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The Collective Peak State Transfer is a community offering led by various people who have been initiated to facilitate this experience.

The Peak State is one of the very high states of consciousness of Sri Amma Bhagavan, such as enlightened consciousness or cosmic consciousness. It is an actual state characterized by the absence of mind interference. It helps you become more conscious, supports you awakening, transformation, and enlightenment. The more you receive the Peak State the more it will affect your consciousness.

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Join on YouTube

Every Thursday

 6:30 PM, Pacific

Golden Age Consciousness Meditation Thursdays

Golden Age Consciousness Meditation (GACM) is a powerful meditation that flows through the eyes of the meditators who were initiated by Avatars Sri Amma Bhagavan. 

The Golden Age Consciousness Meditation is to cultivate the five qualities of the Golden Age: Forgiveness… Gratitude… Inner Integrity… Sacredness… and Surrender.

These qualities will help establish  the consciousness of abundance  in all areas of life, including  good relationships, joy, happiness and peace. There also will be a time for collective and personal prayer.  

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Happiness Meditation
On Instagram Live

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9:00 AM, Pacific

12:00 PM., Eastern

Join us on Wednesday mornings for Happiness Meditation on Instagram Live.


When you practice the Happiness Meditation regularly, you will experience: silence, happiness, peace, improved health, auspicious experiences around and your family and friends. 

The Happiness Meditation is facilitated by various community members.  It is a great way to center yourself and move through  the day in peace.

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Smarana Deeksha 
Developing Compassion

Join us  

7:00 PM, Pacific

10:00 PM., Eastern

Join us on Tuesdays Evenings for Smarana Deeksha led by various members of the community. Smarana Deeksha is a meditative blessing to help the heart to flower into greater compassion. The Deeksha is shared to address human suffering in many forms, including calamities and crises, illnesses, troubles in  families, societies, countries.  Smarana Deeksha can be given from long distances and it can be given to large numbers of people at the same time. 

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