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Golden Age Movement Founders

Sri Bhagavan

Avatar of Enlightenment

Sri Bhagavan is loved, revered and praised by millions across the world as a friend, philosopher, world teacher and Avatar. Sri Bhagavan’s singular passion has been to liberate humanity from suffering. Even as a little boy, Sri Bhagavan’s only concern was humanity. Sri Bhagavan lived a normal life in the external world like everybody else,

yet there was something different and special about Sri Bhagavan that attracted people of all ages and cultures towards Him. The power of Sri Bhagavan’s presence has been a very magical and liberating experience for those who have had the opportunity of interacting with Sri Bhagavan or just being in His physical presence. Such people have received solutions to their problems, freedom from their suffering and a shift in consciousness by the grace of Sri Bhagavan.


Sri Amma

Avatar of Enlightenment

Sri Amma’s unconditional love and compassion is a nectar that purifies one of all hurts, fears and inhibitions. Sri Amma is a unique teacher who imparts the greatest insights of life in an easily understandable way. Simple and yet very profound, these teachings do not require much contemplation because they strike your mind with astonishing precision. They are truths that act like mirrors which reflect your inner state and at the same time make you

Sri Amma 024.jpeg

comfortable with it.​ ​Sri Amma not only shows you the truth, but also gives you the strength to see it yourself. To millions of devotees and seekers, Sri Amma is the all knowing mother, a friend, a guide, a source of power in times of trial and weakness and an inspiration and direction in times of strength and abundance.

Mission To End Human Suffering

Through the mission and teachings of Sri Amma Bhagavan, for the first time in known history, people are being enlightened en masse. Sri Amma Bhagavan's intention is to gather .001 percent of individuals from around the globe who share this concern for humanity and to facilitate their enlightenment. When 81,000 people are enlightened, it will be sufficient to tilt the balance of humanity into higher states of consciousness and create a world that works for everyone. 

The advancements of science and technology during the next 20 years will bring about a Golden Age in the outer world. Humanity's relationship to work will be transformed by technology. To flourish in the face of these changes, humanity will need to experience an "Inner Golden Age" characterized by causeless love, causeless joy, inner peace, connectedness, compassion and life in oneness. 

The Golden Age Movement USA-Canada is one of many communities around the globe supporting this grand vision for humanity.  Keep reading to learn more about this mission and the courses and events that can prepare you to be a powerful force of love and compassion in the world. 

Find out more about how you can join to receive the gift of enlightenment:.

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