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Select the topic that resonates with you. Take a few moments and give yourself time for you. Discover your inner power, grace, peace. 

Gwendolyn Bowing in Gratitude

More meditations are available on YouTube @ Awakening1Hearts.

Meditate on Inner Peace

00:00 / 24:59

Contemplate the connection between the inner and outer worlds. Resolve conflicts with family members, associates and coworkers by changing your inner state. 


Meditate on Staying Present

00:00 / 24:25

We often move quickly from one task to the other, losing touch with what is in front of us. Or we go about our days acting out of habit and missing opportunities for connection. Let's turn our attention to being present.


Meditate on  Self-Acceptance

00:00 / 24:41

Recognize that self-acceptance is essential to our well-being and necessary before we can accept others or be accepted by others. The outer world is a reflection of the inner. world. Understanding this is key to shifting one's experiences.


Meditate on Abundance

00:00 / 29:48

Can you let abundance, wealth & prosperity in? Contemplate whether the messages you have received about money are an obstacle to your ability to receive. 


Get in Touch!

Gwendolyn is available to support groups and individuals with meditation, prayers and conversations about our inner world.

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