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Moyo Institute, Inc.

In my passion to serve the sacred, I gathered like-minded colleagues and together we created a 501c3 nonprofit organization to further the work. Moyo's mission is to offer heart-centered educational experiences that foster inner peace, happiness, wellbeing, creativity, connection and oneness.

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Giving Back to the Community

Moyo's  founders were committed to creating an organization that could have a positive impact on communities and spent considerable time envisioning a world where collaboration, mutual respect, acceptance, and support would pervade human consciousness. The vision was lofty and could take many forms. The group felt the greatest impact would be attained if the focus was on developing new courses and programs, and supporting existing programs that elevate consciousness. After all, that is where everything begins.  The work has taken many forms over the past eight years and is best summed up as teaching courses, organizing courses from India, offering special events, making it possible for those who need financial support to take advantage of these offerings, and free workshops for African American women with cancer. All donations will support the work of this organization.

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